Music Review: Cage The Elephant, "Melophobia"

Kentucky-based Cage The Elephant has perfected their own, Americanized version of Brit rock. Their albums dip into the genre while bringing a heavy dose of ’90s-era alternative.

“Melophobia” (which means “the fear of music”) keeps some of Cage The Elephant’s rough edge while trading a portion for a more funky sound.

Heavy bass lines on “Take It Or Leave It” and “Halo” have the band being more funk than punk.

It’s a move toward the maturity of Cage The Elephant. But often on “Melophobia,” the band’s third studio album, the maturation is done in large bounds instead of delicate steps.

Adding horns on “Hypocrite” was a nice effect. But the band seems to lose its identity when the tactic is used on “Teeth.”

There are some fine moments on “Melophobia.” “Come A Little Closer” and “Spiderhead” are high points of the album.

Still, Cage The Elephant struggle to find themselves while trying to grow as a band on “Melophobia.”

Rating: One and a half stars

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