Music Review: Kings Of Leon, "Mechanical Bull"


Kings Of Leon could very well have drifted off into obscurity following their last album, 2010’s “Come Around Sundown.”

The album failed to generate solid radio hits like its predecessor, “Only By The Night,” did on the way to gaining the band commercial success in 2008.

“Mechanical Bull” proves the band isn’t going anywhere as Kings Of Leon seem so much more alive than they did on their last release.

On the raucous “Don’t Matter,” the band does its best Pearl Jam impersonation by delivering an uptempo rock song that was nowhere to be found on their last album.

“Supersoaker,” while not nearly as intense, does have Kings Of Leon reconnecting with the sound of their early material.

Not all of “Mechanical Bull” is pedal-to-the-floor rock. The band does a great job knowing when to chill out. “Wait For Me” is along the lines of Kings Of Leon’s more laidback material on “Only By The Night.

If anything, “Mechanical Bull” succeeds in capturing the best parts of Kings Of Leon’s music from throughout their career.

This is the band’s most well-balanced album to date.

Rating: Three and a half stars


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