Music Review: No Age, "An Object"

The unfortunate thing about No Age’s lo-fi, drum-and-guitar style is it can be an all-or-nothing endeavor.

There’s not much middle ground between drab songs that are stuck in distorted muck and sonic blasts that will launch you out of your seat.

“An Object” contains more of the former as the duo continues to move away from the quick bursts of energy established on their excellent 2008 album, “Nouns."

No Age’s songs remain deeply rooted in punk music. That influence shines the brightest on “C’mon Stimmung” and “Circling With Dizzy.” Both songs have some life to them.

But when guitarist Randy Randall and drummer/vocalist Dean Allen Spunt try to drop the punk from the fold, their music gets sleepy real fast.

On “A Ceiling Dreams of a Floor” and “An Impression,” you’re left waiting for that jolt of energy. When it doesn’t come, the album suffers from a sudden dropoff.

Having a chance to catch your breath between high octane tracks is great. But, too often on “An Object,” those breaks become overextended.

Rating: Two stars

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