Kind of, sort of punk band Yellowcard kind of, sort of had a couple hit songs from their 2003 album, “Ocean Avenue.” Outside of that certified-platinum album, the band hasn’t gotten much attention.

So, four studio albums later, Yellowcard has decided to return to its money-maker and offer an acoustic version of “Ocean Avenue.”

For the most part, the album they put out 10 years ago actually lends itself well to being an acoustic release. The “Ocean Avenue Acoustic” does of better job showcasing Yellowcard’s multiple layers of instrumentation. That means having a guy in a punk band playing a violin actually makes sense for once.

While the stripped-down “Ocean Avenue” is just as good, if not better than the plugged-in version, the album still falls flat lyrically.

Quick money grab or not, the acoustic effort still is a nice touch to celebrate the album’s 10th anniversary.

Rating: Two stars