Music Review: Chance The Rapper, "Acid Rap"

Chance The Rapper

At just 20 years old, Chancelor Bennett, better known as Chance The Rapper, has developed an appreciation for music that’s well beyond others his age.

On his latest mix tape, “Acid Rap,” the Chicago artist cycles through elements of several musical genres while keeping a sturdy backbone of rap and jazz.

A blend of rap and jazz sounds shaky at best, but Chance rarely falters on “Acid Rap.” The feat is even more amazing when you consider all of the other influences he invites into his music.

Having fellow Chicago native Twista rap on the soulful “Cocoa Butter Kisses” shouldn’t work either, but it does. The quick-tongued rapper’s appearance on the song is one of several nods to the Chicago music scene made by Chance The Rapper on this album.

Even through his name would lead you to think differently, Chance is so much more than a rapper. He clearly has a great understanding of where he comes from, both in welcoming the influences from his city’s music and addressing its streak of violence on such songs as “Pusha Man/Paranoia.” “Somebody get Katie Couric in here” Chance demands on the song while trying to draw attention to Chicago’s high murder rate.

He’s a great storyteller, allowing his words to do the talking instead of using out-of-control emotions.

Chance sounds as much at ease rapping about bringing guns to a rumble on “Juice” as he does when he reveals, “I miss my diagonal grilled cheeses” on the title track.

“Acid Rap” doesn’t make light of a bad situation. It just shows some good came come from all of the bad.

The mixtape is available as a free download at

Rating: Four stars

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